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Acer or Dell Laptop, Which is Better

Acer or Dell Laptop, Which is Better? 

Being a part of this digital world, there is not an easy task to choose a more reliable gadget among hundreds or thousands of options. Just narrow down the selection to laptop computers. You can analyze a tug of war among various big names to supersede others. Instead of indulging deep into an ocean of leading names, if you have to choose only Acer or Dell laptop, which is better? This will be a more challenging task than ever.  

Well! On the other side, there must be a deep analytical view of the users about the best and most useful machine. This will assist the new buyers in choosing the gadget as per their demands. However, to let ease for them, make a comparison of both Acer and Dell laptops with their particular features and brand details. So, let’s move and stretch a line of distinction between Acer and Dell machines to choose a better one. 

Make a Comparison Between Acer & Dell; Which is Better? 

Make a Comparison Between Acer & Dell; Which is Better? 
Make a Comparison Between Acer & Dell; Which is Better? 

Until you don’t know the basic traits of both Acer & Dell PCs, you wouldn’t understand the hallmarks of distinction between them. First, take an overview of both, then let me describe their features and other details. Here, I’ve hooked some of the main features of both said machines that assist you a lot to decide so easily whether Acer or Dell laptop, which is better?

Compare the Designs


In the world of sleek and stylish laptops with stunning looks; Dell comes first. From cheapest to expensive, all laptops have eye-catchy designs with various colors and themes. That’s the uniqueness of Dell laptops which makes them more popular and most buyers’ choice. Regardless of any peculiarity, whether business or gaming, all genres present awesome designs. For instance, XPS & Alienware are the common Dell machines. The former is particularly used for business purposes, whereas the later is known for the gaming laptop. But both forms are evenly elegant with excellent designs.


In order to compare the design with Dell, Acer is very competitive. If things are narrowed down to just colors and themes, there is neither superior nor inferior because Acer laptops also appear with stunning and vibrant hues. However, if it talks about the weight of the machine and overall look, Acer is lighter and slim in all designs than Dell. Particularly, Acer’s Swift 7 model has an ultra-slim design. Moreover, Acer desktops are perfect for business, gaming, and home use. Whereas some Dell machines are heavier, but they’re more competitive than other popular laptop brands, Lenovo, HP, etc. 

Compare the Components  


By comparing the components of Dell and Acer models, various features will be hands-on, while various are different. Usually, Dell offers;

  • Large screen displays 
  • High-resolution picture quality
  • Dual-core processors
  • Quad-core chips
  • 3-cell batteries 
  • Efficient RAM & GPU
  • Enough storage capacity 
  • Enough connectivity ports

Thus, Dell delivers a complete package for its users, even for business, gaming, home, or even for any purpose. 


In contrast to the Dell laptops, Acer machines build on inferior quality. Although it’s a Taiwanese company and seems a remarkable tech industry breakthrough. The components’ quality varies from its varying price range. The high-cost Acer laptops seem more durable than the low-cost ones. Generally, its features entail;

  • Display Screen (not HD)
  • 265GB to 512GB SSD storage room
  • Dual-core chips (processor in cheap machines)
  • Quad-core CPU (processor in expensive machines)
  • Intel, AMD, & NVIDIA combo of graphics cards

Well! Somehow, Acer also provides a good hardware system but only for expensive laptops. As the price decreases, the quality of products also decreases gradually. 

Compare the Battery


By comparing Acer or Dell or HP, which is better? Their battery answer well. Among all, Dell laptop batteries are more than good due to having a long life span and remaining charged for about 24 hours even without plugging in. However, it also depends on the activities that you do. Moreover, their Intel HD Graphics save energy. 


On the other hand, Acer laptop batteries are not efficient for business hours, gaming, and long working modes. In simple words, they are particularly designed for traveling or such activities. Their batteries are built-in with the Graphic Cards that consume ample energy. Therefore, they need to recharge time and again if you use them for long work. 

Compare the Compatibility 


To make a workaholic for all purposes, whether for business, gaming, or more, Dell comes first. Their laptops are highly compatible with awesome features. Major machines have 7th Gen Intel Core i3-7100U processors that can easily withstand all standard features with no hassle. Whether you have to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) or gaming, all work genres perform well. 


If you want to know that is Dell or Acer better for gaming? You will find Acer as the more ideal option than Dell, for not only gaming; rather, for other necessary applications as well. As Acer laptops work well with Windows 10 OS and Mac OSX than Dell, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or various such apps run efficiently. Moreover, whether you have to use them for your business or for entertainment, Acer is more compatible with all than Dell. 

Stop reading here and just ponder; Acer or Dell laptop, which is better?🤔

Compare the Heat Management 


As working machines, Dell laptops provide a proper heat management system via built-in dual fans. Manufacturing by aluminum alloy materials ensures solidity as well as an effective cooling system. There are heat pipes along with these fans for optimal and proper cooling performance. Thus, the heat produced while more working hours dissipates itself.  


By comparing with Dell, Acer is highly optimized to cope with overheating, especially while gaming. These machines have particular thermal designs to keep them cool throughout the period while their usage, whether less or more. They contain smaller fans for complete ventilation that consume less power but provide efficient and faster performance while the processing speed. 

Compare the Productivity 


Dell provides a vast range of gadgets according to varying job preferences. Whether you need a laptop for study purposes, office use, or gaming, Dell meets all the criteria very efficiently and sophisticatedly. Moreover, they remain updated and customized according to the varying market trends. Like, XPS is a good fit for business chores, while Alienware is for gaming.


Like Dell and other leading names, Acer also stands side by side with them in providing brilliant tech models to cope with clients and market issues. From Windows PCs to Gaming machines, Chromebooks to 2-in-1 laptops, a variety of models Acer offers. One of the brilliant aspects is that a lot of good features and specifications are available on your low budget as well. 

Compare the Support Features


Having awesome and reliable customer support service; Dell stands out in the tablet industry. With a solid back-end system, they address and solve all the technical issues raised by the clients. If you are a Dell user and you face any problem while using the laptop, desktop, monitor, or even any gadget, you can make a call to their customer support. In a few minutes, you will be connected to expert technicians. They remain in touch with you and keep on track of the conversation until the claimed issue does not sort out. 


In contrast to Dell, Acer doesn’t take any serious action against any problem or issue that happens with the clients. Overall, it provides less facility for customer care. By the way, if you choose Acer or Dell desktop, which is better? The support system clarifies the answer instantly. But since a few years ago, Acer has been trying to improve its customer support. Their warranty process is now working more than before and allows users to communicate with specialized technicians to resolve their issues. 

Compare the Pricing


According to the need and budget; Dell offers a variety of laptops with varying price ranges. But it’s not enough cost-efficient as other brands. Being a more popular and world’s leading laptop brand, Dell usually offers somewhat expensive machines with built-in technology and out-class performance than other competitive brands. By the way, from expensive to moderate price range, you may get competitive machines as well. On average, the starting price of Dell laptops falls around $700 to $800, which increases so on. For more information, visit the list of 5 best Dell laptops.


In the price discussion of which is better, Acer or Dell monitor or laptop, Acer has some more edge. As it offers budget-friendly machines than Dell. However, the overall cost lies from the high to low range as well. At times, the Acer models come as more pricey, but most of the machines prove as the best alternative to expensive Dell laptops, especially when you are on a tight budget. Here, a myth has to be cleared that although Acer offers its gadgets at a reasonable cost, but the product quality has never been compromised. On average, Acer laptops fall around $500 to $1000.  

So now, have you been decided on; Acer or Dell laptop, which is better?😇

The Verdict

Since Acer and Dell both are remarkable names in the laptop industry. If one has experienced both models, things become clear. However, if some things remain foggy for you, then read this guide again, which is overwhelmed with a fine comparison to determine Acer or Dell laptop, which is better. 

From designs to performance, features to compatibility, and components to prices, all the essential info has mentioned here. That’s enough to buy a new laptop or compare the existing one. 

Acer models are relatively cheap in cost and highly compatible with Windows 10. Although some other features also work well. However, Dell laptops are somewhat more expensive than Acer, but the overall performance and working modes are much more efficient than Acer. Especially for the use of extensive work.

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