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How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Among various gadgets, a laptop is one of the most delicate machines. From hardware to screen or keys to hinges, all areas demand great attention. But when it comes close to the hinge region, it seems more fragile and likely to damage. A hinge is the backbone of the laptop that firmly holds the device and provides flexibility to use. 

But you might see that various laptops’ hinges become loose due to one reason or another. It happens due to certain causes, whether carelessness or cheap laptop quality. However, if you have learned how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking, your laptop will likely be safe. 

This guide will help you identify the main causes of breaking the hinge of a laptop and how you can avoid breaking it. So, continue to read to get the essential info that really works.

How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Why do Laptop Hinges Break?

In order to know why do laptop hinges break, it has been seen in the common practice to be non-sense about using devices. People who have not had any digital exposure yet before don’t care about their laptops. It can sometimes drop while it is open, and the hinge can be loose. Besides, low-quality of laptop materials may also cause damage to hinges. Remember! Once the laptop breaking at hinges happens, it can also affect the screen and other exposed hardware. You may assume if any body part suffers, the whole body will suffer. The same is the case with tech devices as well.

How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Why do Laptop Hinges Break?
How to Prevent Laptop Hinges from Breaking?

Have you owned a laptop? Be careful to use it. Apart from getting to know some of the main causes of hinge breaking, some preventive measures must be taken out. When you use your laptop consciously, it will last longer with you. But for now, see how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking. Because Prevention is better than cure!

1# Don’t compromise on laptop quality!

Poor quality leads to reducing the life of the gadget. If you have bought a new laptop, but it’s low-cost and cheap, it will not move longer with you. There will be more chance of its damage sooner than others, especially the hinge region. Because a substandard machine has no more durability and flexibility. And it’s likely to lose the hinge and break it. 

2# Avoid dropping your laptop!

It’s a common notion the more you are caring, the more your things remain with you longer. If you have a good quality laptop, like, HP, Dell, MacBook, etc. They need more care as most of them are assumed as high-quality and the best laptops for writers and content creators. So, you have to avoid dropping them. As they drop down, their hinges can damage or become loosened. 

3# Close the lid carefully!

Whether you are in a hurry or calm in your place, always close your PC so carefully. Especially during open and closing of the lid of a laptop. Sometimes, there is something in between the keyboard and the screen of your laptop. And if you close the lid, there are more chances to break the hinge. A damaged hinge leads to more damage to the rest of the hardware of your PC. 

4# Avoid poor handling!

Suppose you have a good quality laptop, i.e., HP, and you think about how long do hp laptop hinges last. Generally, it remains last for up to 3-4 years BUT only with good handling. If your behavior is ruthless with your laptop, it will leave you sooner and wouldn’t do productive tasks for you. So always use soft hands on your PC while picking it up and return back to its place. 

5# Don’t carry a laptop by the screen! 

If you want to know how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking, you do not have to pick up your laptop via the display. As the screen is lightweight than the rest of the body. If you pick a PC from its lighter part, it won’t hold the rest of the weight. And there is more chance of breaking its hinge. So, always hold your laptop from the base, as altering a laptop is not easy. 

6# Use a laptop case!

Having a cover ensures the protection of everything. If you keep using a laptop case, there is more chance of preventing the laptop from breaking at the hinges. Because a case increases the machine’s durability, however, it doesn’t mean that once you put your laptop in a case, the hinge can never be damaged. Still, you have to take care of your PC and hold it firmly and efficiently.   

What should you do if a laptop hinge breaks down?

What should you do if a laptop hinge breaks down?
What should you do if a laptop hinge breaks down?

Let’s presume that your laptop’s hinge has broken down, and it seems nothing can do now. So, in such a situation, instead of being panicked, why do hp laptop hinges break? Firstly, try to fix it on your own. But only if you have a few technical skills. Anyhow, repair depends on the intensity of the damage. 

  • Try to fix it by application of glue or soldering
  • Open the laptop and try to assemble the parts again
  • You can also drill the hinge in its place and fix it with screws
  • In severe damage, seek professional assistance to repair
  • If nothing works, the replacement will be the only option 

Thus, choose any option that you feel is suitable for an instant fix to the broken hinge of your laptop. 

Wrapping Up

The laptop is an inevitable part of your educational as well as professional life. But at times, if something bad happens to it like its hinge breaks down. It can become a severe headache for you. But in such situations, you must have to look to know how to prevent laptop hinges from breaking. 

This guide has given you some useful takeaways. If you follow them carefully, your laptop hinge will not move anywhere for a minimum of 3-4 years. As laptops and most notebooks are expensive. So, if any issue happens with them, the repair must be the first priority over buying a new machine.

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