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How to Get More Storage on a Laptop

How to Get More Storage on a Laptop?

Having a digital device means saving your soft data in a very organized way. But what do you think if there is less space to keep your files stored for longer..?😒 You will really be annoyed in such a scenario. So, always seek gadgets, especially laptops with efficient storage and high performance. Once you get both features in one PC, that will go longer with you. 

Well! What do you do if you have a laptop but not enough space? In this situation, instead of being panicked, get the ways regarding how to get more storage on a laptop. And interestingly, this guide can assist you a lot in this respect. Here, you will get several ways to increase your PC’s storage. So, let’s move on to learn what they are.

Get 5 Reliable Methods to Increase Storage on a Laptop

In order to get more space on a laptop; there are various ways you can follow. Whether buying external sources or fixing the existing ones, you have a number of options. So, it depends on which will work for you more effectively. However, the 5 most useful methods are going to describe here. Because fewer options let you choose easily. 

#1. Wipe off the Mess!

Wipe off the Mess
Wipe off the Mess!

In the overall device storage, most of the time, there is enough junk data that takes up more space in your drive. If you don’t clean up your device timely, that junk files overtake the device and create a halt in downloading useful files or installing useful programs. So, there are three convenient modes that will let you know how to increase storage on laptop for free. 


1.1 Del all the Unnecessary Programs

Usually, your laptop may contain enough stuff which is merely in use. Such temporary files take up enough space on the drive, which creates a halt in installing various useful programs and downloading more valuable data.

You’ve no need to do too much. Just select the whole unwanted programs and files, and click on the ‘Del’ key. And after that, clean your ‘Recycle Bin’ as well. You will really be wondering to see enough laptop storage capacity. 

1.2 Clean your desktop 

Most of the time, you create various Apps Shortcuts on your PC’s desktop. Nothing else but these apps take the graphical user interface (GPU) that slows down the overall performance of your laptop. 

So, make sure all the apps remain in the drive folders and avoid making their copies on the desktop too. As a result, your device will gain more free space, and you will experience better performance with enough speed.

1.3 Run the disk clean-up 

While running various programs; there are enough files created as cache. Moreover, other raw files and mostly useless junk data are present on your PC. They do nothing except take sufficient space. So, clean all the data. 

For this, you can use the disk cleanup tool. Just go to the ‘Disk Cleanup, select C-drive, and allow for cleaning your disk. In just a few minutes, the whole junk will be removed.

#2. Take assistance from External Devices!

Take assistance from External Devices!
Take assistance from External Devices!

Whether you have the best laptops for writers or other content creators, you must surely have faced storage issues. Because a good-quality PC also can’t digest a bulk of documents and heavy data for longer. But not now! You have a brilliant option to take leverage from other devices too.

If you don’t know how to get more storage on a laptop, you may insert external devices via your laptop USB ports. This way, you can keep your necessary yet large-sized files on other devices and use them when needed. 

For instance.

2.1 Use the External Drive 

You will get an External Hard Drive in the market. So, buy it and insert it into your PC via a USB port. Once you connect the drive to your PC, your PC will automatically detect it as an external device and add it to the Windows Explorer Page. So now, you can share your existing or future data to this drive easily. 

One downside of the external drive is that it can lead to a shortage of enough USB ports or connectivity options for other devices. But you have to be compromised on this aspect if you need more space. 

2.2 Use Flash Drive 

Apart from an external drive, you can go with the Flash drive as well. A flash drive is usually a few inches long, and this mini device can take up enough data from your PC and store it for longer. So this way, you can gain enough space on your device.

In addition, there are no any restrictions to using a particular company flash for a particular machine. If you want to know how to get more storage on a laptop HP, you can use a flash drive, either HP or Samsung or even more. Just see its storage capacity. 

2.3 Use Micro-SD Card

There is another convenient option for you, and that’s a Micro-SD card. This tiny device or a microchip comes in varying storage capacities. Choose anyone as per your need. And connect it to your laptop. 

This can also overcome the storage issue very easily once you transfer enough data to it. As an SD card is very small. So, you can also use a Card-Reader to insert it into the laptop port. 

#3. Replace HDD with SSD!

Replace HDD with SSD!
Replace HDD with SSD!

If you want to get to know how to increase laptop storage for games but feel annoyed to use any external assistance. There is another convenience for you. You can replace your existing Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD). 

Generally, HDDs are cheaper yet provide limited storage capacity. No doubt, SSDs are somewhat expensive and also have particular limits for storage. But SSDs give 10X more storage capacity than HDDs, along with fast speed, durability, and less energy consumption. 

So, if you replace your HDD with an SSD, this will increase your laptop storage capacity manifold with high performance. 

#4. Upgrade the Internal Drive!

Upgrade the Internal Drive!
Upgrade the Internal Drive!

Now, if you think that you have an SSD on your laptop. But after a long time, still, you are facing somewhat shortage of space. So, in this case, you have a good option to upgrade the internal drive of your PC.  

If you are eager to know how to increase SSD storage on laptop, upgrading the existing one can provide you with ample free space. Suppose, your PC is running on a 500 GB drive, upgrade it to 1TB. 

This operation can also be done with your Hard Drives as well. Generally, there are three categories of hard drives SATAII, SATAII, and SATAIII. So, choose anyone which is more compatible with your machine.

#5. Get leverage from Cloud Storage!

Last but not least, there is another option to boost the storage of your Windows PCs. You must be wanted to determine how to get more GBs on your laptop Windows 10 or more. So now, instead of buying any hardware to cope with the storage issue, get leverage from your internet connection and get Cloud Storage. 

You will get various Cloud Storage Solutions on Google. They usually range from 2GB to 100 GB. If just take Google Drive, this will grant you 15 GB of storage including Gmail, Google Images as well as Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Drawings, etc. So, use these platforms which are freely available on your PC, just having a good internet connection. 

In addition, Google also offers various purchasing plans for much more cloud storage up to 10TB. Once you buy it you will get the convenience of syncing them with other devices; Windows or MacBooks as well. 

Pro Tip

As how to get more storage on a laptop is a frequent question that often comes to your mind. This guide, hopefully, has proved to be very useful in this respect. Firstly, you should clean up your laptop as it has more than 60% of the total storage. Cleaning time and again never create a simultaneous storage problem. 

However, if you forget to clean and have to face the issue, try other options. Whether use external hardware or upgrade the existing storage. Choose any option as per your convenience and compatible with your device. 

Remember one thing! There is always somewhat solution to a problem present in the world. Just need to reach there. As you’ve reached now by figuring out how to get more storage on a laptop.

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